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Hot spud Catering

Hot Spud offers a unique catering experience for corporate lunch, dinner, private gatherings, and special events. Our catering menu consists of Baked Potato and/or Salad Bar.

Baked Potatoes: Our Baked Russet Potatoes come mixed with butter and cheese inside and wrapped in foil. Everything else, such as meat (chicken, steak, sausage, bacon), veggies (and everything else on the menu) are provided on the side in the disposable aluminum containers with serving utensils.

Salad Bar: Salads come in large trays as family style serving and dressings are provided on the side.

Special Needs: Everything – except for the 3 salad toppings: Garlic Herb Croutons, Wonton Strips, Blue Cheese – is Gluten-Free. Also, potatoes can be made dairy-free by skipping butter or cheese. We do offer vegan salad dressings and any salad can be made vegan as well.